Our Brands

Cat litter
Pet carrier
Dog chestbox
Flexi dog leash
Cat litter
Dogness collar
Anti shock leash
Three odor cat litter
Italian IMAC Pet carrier
Dog leash
Floc dry food

About Us

Established in 2012 MF Importing and Distributing Co has been working in the field of animal care including large and small animals ,poultry and pets

Since its start the company spcialised in veterinary equipment, tools and instruments of various needs that help both vets in field and and breeders in ranches

The company owns a large section for pet needs focusing on accessories, cat litter and dry food estimated 200 products based on strategy of variation in quality , fashion and price meeting all customers needs, levels and sense.

Covering all Egypt the company has five main branches ,12 trucks and more than 400 clients dealing in wholesale and retail

Thanks to the company,s trust and reputation , in less than 6 years, it got the agency for international brands in Europe like the Gernan Flexi and the Italian IMAC.

With the help of qualified staff , the company plans to multiply its sales , products and credibility.

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